Abandoned School Now Home For Bees

Abandoned School Now Home For Bees

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When Guy Noël of New Brunswick realized that wintering his bees indoors would mean a greater retention than wintering them outdoors, he sought out a place to do so. That place turned out to be Etoile du Nord, an elementary school on Miscou Island in Canada that closed back in 2003, CBC News reports.

Since the school’s closure, the building has been subjected to vandalism, graffiti and theft. However, because the building’s aesthetics weren’t a primary concern for his bees, Noël purchased it.

“We get the opportunity to buy that to centralize our stuff in the same area, the same place,” he told CBC News.

Noël’s beekeeping originally started as a way to pollinate his father’s small blueberry crop. Now, Noël devotes himself to beekeeping and even took a course on the subject, CBC News reports. His beekeeping business, which sells honey, is called Pollinisation Péninsule. Once Etoile du Nord is renovated for the bees, Noël will begin winterizing his bees indoors.

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