4 Creative Accents to Invigorate Your Garden

4 Creative Accents to Invigorate Your Garden

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the design of this year’s garden. I’ve had the opportunity to visit many public gardens over the years, and every time I do, I discover a few fun design tidbits that I want to emulate in my own garden. Public gardens are wonderful, creative places, full of ideas you can steal and use in your own landscape.

While some ideas I’ve collected are more traditional, others are a little out of the box. These are the ideas that I’d like to start incorporating into my own gardens this year. Below are a few photos of some of the more unique—and yet simple—out-of-the-box designs.

1. Dry Streambed

Photo by Jessica Walliser

I love the idea of a creating a dry streambed like this one. It isn’t a path. Instead it’s a way to incorporate visual movement into the garden. I like how this one uses different sizes of round stones, just like you would find in a real streambed.

2. Ceramic Containers

Photo by Jessica Walliser

Plants growing in colorful glazed ceramic containers can add splashes of contrast to the garden. The trouble is, they always need to be watered. But what about doing this instead? Put a empty pot into the garden. Tuck it anyplace a bit of color is needed. No maintenance is necessary.

3. Birdbath Plant Stand

Photo by Jessica Walliser

Birdbaths are beautiful accents and the birds sure do appreciate them, but they also make great plant stands. This birdbath holds a unique specimen plant, elevating it to a height where it can be better appreciated by passersby. If you’re going to turn a birdbath into a plant holder, be sure to drill a hole in the bowl to prevent the plant roots from becoming waterlogged.

4. Colorful Trellises

Photo by Jessica Walliser

Brightly painted trellises and garden stakes not only provide support for vining plants, they also draw the eye and add color to the landscape. It’s easy to paint existing wooden Tudors, trellises, A-frames and the like. I plan to add some bright blue and purple accents to our back garden and sunflower patch using this technique.

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